DISCOVER Your Daily Dose Super Greens

Packed With Thirty-Eight Essential (non-GMO) Ingredients

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"Best tasting greens ever!"

Ken D. - Florida

"Have tried many organic health products and have to say this one is the best."

Koleen L. - Pennsylvania

Why You Are Going To Love Super Greens

Natural Detox, Cleansing Support, Immune System Booster, Cellular Regeneration, Weight Management, Digestion Support, Optimum Alkalinity and pH Balancing, Cardiovascular Health, High Levels of Phytonutrients including Chlorophyll, Powerful Seas Vegetables, Anti-Aging Free Radical Scavenger, 215% Vitamin C, Higher Body Oxygenation, Energy Enhancer, Mineral & Iodine Support.

Nutrition from our Daily Dose Organic Super Greens contains vital ingredients such as fiber, flaxseed, medical mushrooms, spirulina, chlorella, kelp, fucoidan, cruciferous vegetables, and a vital 215% of Vitamin "C" RDA per serving.